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Learn how to film and edit professional quality stories using the smartphone in your pocket.

Our courses provide practical, efficient, easy-to-follow training that will turn you into a confident and skilled filmmaker that’s ready to take on any project.

We offer 60 days of on-call support as well as online revision materials that you can keep.

Our goal is to guarantee any beginner can pick up their phone to make great films with our help.




We have supported hundreds of people with varying skill levels and filmmaking backgrounds. Our courses have even reached trainees all over the world from Reykjavík, Iceland to Lagos, Nigeria.

Small business owners and story-tellers see our courses as a cost-effective alternative to hiring film crews or freelancers for their projects. We have taught them how to create their own content simply and creatively.

Our trainees have had their films selected for film festivals, improved their websites with more media content or grown their online following with videos that inspire and engage – all by using their smartphones!


For personal projects, social media content or business purposes



For companies or organisations wanting to collaborate & produce films together



Supporting dramas, documentaries and artistic ventures



The training has been hugely successful with extremely positive feedback from participants who have gone on to produce some amazing films. The Pocket Stories team are the best online teachers we have worked with. They are really hands-on supporting everyone effortlessly to feel confident about making their own films. They are very patient and knowledgeable about technical needs and their after-course support is really well-received.

Anna Hildur


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