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Slowing down in more ways than one: Capturing slow-mo on the go

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

As part of a healthy lifestyle, it can help sometimes to get out and connect with nature. Swanbourne Lake is one place near our office in Arundel, West Sussex that I always love to go to and decompress. Since it’s only a short walk away, I decided to go on a lunch break recently and capture some shots of the wildlife around me.

I didn’t have a tripod or gimbal with me so I went handheld. What started out as a way to hide the fact that my hands were ridiculously shaky, slow motion turned out to be the perfect tool for this video. I was able to capture some amazing clips of birds flying and water flowing in some incredible detail. Slow motion can be fantastic for making dramatic shots like this and it does a good job of both building and releasing tension in your films. In a video like this where, to be honest, not much is going on, slow motion can help give the illusion that something interesting is happening because you’re bringing attention to the detail of it.

I coupled these slow motion shots with clips of leaves and tree stumps using the telephoto lens on my iPhone 12 Pro. This really helped me see how intricate simple things like leaves really are and forced me to slow down and really appreciate what I was looking at.

After finding a suitable song in Kinemaster and matching the clips to the beat, I created this mindful video that I can watch again anytime and get my fix of nature on the go!

Give it a try and let us know how you get on. I’d love to see how slowing down can amp up your footage.


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