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The Key to Success: Green Screen Your Way to Other Worlds with Kinemaster

Green screen is something you’ve probably heard about, but never thought you’d be able to do yourself – let alone on a phone! But with today’s smartphones it’s actually easier than ever to create that movie magic. All you need is your phone, something that’s a solid green colour (I’m known for using my green jumper), a light and the Kinemaster app.

First, set-up your greenscreen. You can buy specialised green screens for filming or find something around the house, like a towel, a sheet, a shirt or even a jumper that’s solid green. I stretched my jumper tightly over the back of a chair to lose any creases. The more creases, the harder it’ll be to achieve the effect.

Place your subject in-front of the green coloured screen/clothing and line up your phone’s camera (I would recommend using a tripod, but you don’t need to). Use a light to highlight your subject (this can be anything from a lamp, another phone’s torch or an LED light) and make sure your subject is completely surrounded by the green on your phone’s screen. Now you can shoot your video!

Once you have got your footage, pop into Kinemaster. Then choose a background from the Photo Image Assets. This could be anything, from the Grand Canyon to deep space!

Now you can import your footage as a layer on-top and press the “chrome key” button (it’ll be at the very bottom of the options to edit your layer). With this you can swap out the green screen with the background image you’ve brought in.

I find this really helpful for when you want to achieve something that you can’t normally film on your phone, like a spaceship flying through space! (See the screenshot above!)

If you’re having any trouble or would like to know more, we have a video on this here. Good luck, have fun and don't forget to show us what you create.


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