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Smartphone Movie Magic: Discovering DoubleTake by FiLMiC Pro

Have you ever been filming and wish you had a second camera to get a different perspective? Well, I’ve got good news for anyone on a multi-lens iPhone.

FiLMiC Pro offers a free app called ‘DoubleTake’ which lets you film and record two video files from any of the iPhone’s cameras. (Sorry android folks, unfortunately you’ll have to sit this one out, at least for now!)

This little bit of magic really comes in handy when you’re capturing something that will only happen once, for example, a music performance or an important interview. Something that isn’t easily repeatable.

I’ve found it most useful for giving me more cutaway options during an interview, when your interviewee is perhaps going off subject, I can bring them back to the point by cutting out the guff and using the second camera angle to make it look seamless!

I’d recommend using the Wide lens and Tele lens. This gives you two great perspectives to work with, the ultra wide will make the image look distorted like a fish eye lens. It’s a great tool to have but won't look the most natural.

So if you’re on a recent iPhone download the app and set your capture mode to discrete, that way it saves two video files rather than combining them with a split screen. You can’t save to camera roll automatically so you’ll need to export the video files from within the app.

If you’re having any trouble setting it up, we have a very helpful video here that explains how to use it. We’d love to see how you get on.


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